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Carramar is a general plant nursery providing a broad range of plants from ferns and indoor plants through to trees and shrubs and seedlings.  Plants have been hardened to the elements to minimize shock at planting and selection may vary according to time of year.

Pots & Statuary 


Fruit Trees
Herbs & Seedlings

Meander through our fernery, a great selection of ferns, palms and indoor plants.

An excellent selection of evergreen and deciduous fruit and nut trees.

An extensive array of natives,  including  grevilleas, banksias, callistemons, eucalypts and correas

Seasonally available herbs, vegetable and flowering plants.

Hybrid Tea, Floribunda, climbers and standards are all available as bare rooted roses and potted.

Crepe myrtles, ash’s,  elms, oaks, robinias, ornamental pears are a few of the trees available as bare rooted and potted.

Hedging plants, topiary,  grasses,  pittosporum, box and yuccas available all throughout the year

Glazed and terracotta pots, concrete statues and fountains.


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